18-19 March 2021


Bali, Indonesia.



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About PDSS Bali 2021

With the advent of science and research there have evolved many technologies which are not well known to the medical practitioners around the globe. We at Protignes conferences try to bring these researchers under one umbrella, Encourage the global advancement of dermatological education, care and sciences. Also with an intention to promote personal and professional relations among the dermatologists of the world, we have scheduled “Protignes Dermatology & Skincare Summit” in Island of Gods - Bali, Indonesia on March 18-19, 2021. We are expecting you to be there for the event and also to enjoy nature and culture of Indonesia along with our global network of dermatologists.

With the theme “Healthy Skin; Healthy You” the conference focuses on the topics of Cosmetics and Dermatology. Being a vast area, dermatology and cosmetics gives access to learn about skin, hair and nails which most of us cherish. Sharing your knowledge among the global participants and learning from well-known professionals in this platform, will surely be a worth of time.

Have few of these questions before joining event, surely you will enjoy….

Aren’t you a Beauty conscious person? Do you care for your Skin, Hair and Nail? Want to know how to take care of it? Why not to join the gathering and share some insights on cosmetic and dermatology?

Who should attend?

If you are working as dermatologist, cosmetologist, trichologist, or a cosmetic surgeon this events fits perfectly. Also related societies, related companies, beauticians, spa professionals, plastic surgeons and universities professionals with their students are most welcome.

We also welcome Entrepreneurs, who would like to make a stance of their ideas and network with various professionals in the field. Students, who would like to widen their knowledge horizons and present their academic thesis. We also welcome delegate attendees to participate, listen to the talks and learn about the recent developments.

And hey entrepreneurs, we haven’t forgotten you. Join and have a chance to meet directors and other well-known business officials of different companies.

And also people who are in love with BALI?

We are waiting. We are excited. Hope you will enjoy what we have planned for this event in Bali. Book your slot now!!

Are you a blogger for cosmetic and dermatology field? Share your blog through us to our participants and make sure you are receiving vouchers from our side.

Topics to be including for discussion:

Aesthetic Dermatology

The usual advance of medical dermatology is esthetic dermatology. Its chief meaning is to express an animation logic. You just feel better when you appear shining and solid.

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Dermatophytes are skin disease-causing fungal pathogens. This fungi develop as filaments or as hyphae which form molds.Dermatophytes are the causative agent of skin mycoses, including infections of athlete's foot, ringworm and nails.

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Healthy and Ageing Skin

Skin exposed directly to the air is not only subject to intrinsic aging, but is also overlaid by extrinsic aging. Accompanying these aging mechanisms are phenotypic changes in cutaneous cells.

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Good hair is a sign of good health; it is a skin extension. Hair quality stands for the physical health of a person. Trichology is the diagnosis of and treatment of human hair and scalp diseases and disorders.

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The event kicks off on Thursday! Plan to stay till Sunday, so that you have plenty of time to get into and can enjoy the vast culture of Bali, and enjoy the beaches....
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